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Dec 9, 2013 5:50am EST
, whether they originate in a wireless or wireline environment. america's future is a wireline environment. >> the future of the communications industry at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span2. >> this week on "q&a," pulitzer prize-winning journalist david finkel discusses his latest book titled, "thank you for your service." >> david finkel, at what point did you decide to call this book "thank you for your service"? >> it happened late in the game after i turned in the manuscript and we were searching for a title. i had another one in mind, which was "the suicide room." when i mention that to the publisher, she said, that is just a traffic title. are you trying to put us out of business? i said, i would read that book. she said, that is really not the right title for this book. we sat and batted it around. there is something about this phrase. i was worried it would come across as judgmental in some way or people would see it as almost bitterly ironic and that was not the intention. it is a much simpler meaning, which comes down to, this is what i got comfortable with finally, if you read the bo
Dec 7, 2013 9:00pm EST
district it works, we have to focus and make sure that those schools are welcoming, safe environments. welcoming, safe, and collaborative environments. you cannot show me a school that works or a district or a state or a country that works where the notion of collaboration as opposed to competition, the notion of a welcoming, safe environment so that schools are central to the community, are not the dominant theory as opposed to testing and sanctioning. that is what we are trying to do. solutions that are aligned with what communities need. we must rate neighborhood schools and try to make sure that public education is a hallmark of democracy and a propeller of our economy. most importantly, we must really make sure that we figure out how to enable all kids to have the opportunity to not only dream big, but achieve them. >> thank you. let me ask you one or two and then we will go to kimberly to start. let me ask you about the common core standards. you said, you think that obamacare is bad and the implementation of the common core is far worse. who is to blame and anyone stepping up t
Dec 7, 2013 2:00pm EST
businesses. the restaurant and food service industry attract people seeking a flexible work environment, whether they are students between careers or just looking for a second job to makes ends -- to make ends meet. there is a significant movement. given the short term nature of individual employment, the administrative urban of educating and processing the enrollments prove almost as expensive as coverage itself. absorb thiscannot cost and ultimately the cost will be warmed by the public as a whole. the implementation also threatens the safety haven of a flexible work environment by those that work on it. inc. you again for the opportunity to testify today regarding health care law and its effects on the aggregation rules for small businesses like ours. we are committed to working with congress to find solutions that foster growth and truly benefit the communities we serve. >> thank you. our final witnesses donna baker. she is a certified public accountant in adrian michigan. she holds an nba from michigan state university and a ba in accounting. mba from michigan state university and
Dec 8, 2013 7:00pm EST
in the wire environment or wireless environment. so yeah, america's future is --eless here and -- wireless communicators"he at 8 p.m. eastern on c-span 2. >> i got upset with the --sident because they never showed up anymore. woman who was one of the press people. she said, mental health is not a sexy issue here you -- is not a sexy issue. -- itsed a mental health passed through congress. [indiscernible] never implemented it. one of the disappointments of my -- life. and span,ming up tonight on c- .q&a" with david finkel after that, prime minister's questions. that is followed by the editor of the u.k. guardian newspaper talking about british security and nsa surveillance. bulletsweek on "q&a," are prize-winning journalist david finkel discusses his latest book, titled, "thank you for your service." >> david finkel, at what point did you decide to call this book "thank you for your service"? the gamepened late in after i turned in the manuscript and we were searching for a title. i had another one in mind, which was "the suicide room." when i mention that to the publisher, she said, that i
Dec 8, 2013 5:00am EST
. employment environment, the is theonal environment, ideal place to be doing that. another thing i was struck by was the retirement statistics. about how americans are getting ready for retirement. i know your research firm has done a lot of polling around social security, but harvesting that change over the years as you have been doing that research? >> one of the things my company retirement confidence survey. since 1991 we have served the public annually on issues pertain to retirement. -- people's confidence in being able to live comfortably. in 1995, 8% of the public said they are not at all confident that they can afford to live comfortably throughout their retirement. at all confident in 2007 and this year it is 20%. three times as much. we us is the plan to work longer. in 1999 we found 11% of workers planned to work 266 or longer and now it is just 36% -- to work until age 66 or longer and now it is just 36%. response to the lack of confidence, but that is a risky response and not everyone can realize it. one final point, a lack of confidence is not a bad thing. it is a wake up call
Dec 8, 2013 3:10pm EST
development. careful that we not so restrict the environment for the students that want to go to these colleges. up.ave to tighten it we have to be careful that we tread lightly. i have one question for you. you mentioned your testimony that you lament the fact that the year round pell grant program is gone by the wayside. they try to restrain the cost of the pell grant program. can you talk to us little bit about the effects of that? >> sure. all, the institutions that are affected more than any other our community colleges and --torically lacked colleges a lot colleges and particularly. a number of students are coming in underprepared academically. 40% are having to take at least one developmental course. before they get to credit bearing work they're trying to learn what they're supposed to be exposed to in high school. that is why we should have courses forer ready students of the high school level. they are then behind at the end of the first year. they are not on track to graduate on time. what was happening over the summer, and it was expensive, is that they were catchi
Dec 7, 2013 12:00pm EST
of the paper. as we move to the electronic environment, the compliance rate will go up and then i'll see the number drop over time. so the answer to your question is, is i fix it by putting procedures in place that drive the ro in the right direction and put system i think i think if -- fixes in place that force the behavior to ensure the veteran gets the right decision. >> before i yield, e i remind you and remind everybody how many times secretary sat there and talked about accountability. you do all the system call stuff you want. if you are not motivating people to do it, i know they are highly motivated people who want to do right by the veteran. there's a lack of accountability there. and across the board, but with that i'll yield to mr. oh -- >> thank i apologize for missing the second half of the hearing. i'll get ab update how you responded to the specific issues raised by ms. price and the veteran service organizations that were here. so just briefly bring up two issues. one, is in el paso at fort bliss we have 1800 cases, 1100 are backlogged at the derail site in seattle. and
Dec 7, 2013 10:00am EST
a demographic of veterans that have spent its full deployment come in various hostile environments, home. they are better educated now than they ever have been in history. they're also equipped with technology available that at a moment's notice can get information to virtually any question you have regarding benefits. the va pictures this as a disaster waiting to happen because these are the veteran that are filing complex claims. on november 7th, secretary shin seki took credit for reducing the backlog by one third since march. we caution this panel and everyone involved with va claims to don't take that as gospel. it's a big part of the claims process and that they are not telling people. the most insignificant type of claim is not a medical claim. it is called a dependent status change. you get married, have a child, get divorced, your child features out. it is one document with one attachment from your marriage certificate, divorce decree, what have you. those going to claims. they are adjudicated right alongside him unless a terminal lung disease for agent orange illnesses. unfortu
Dec 8, 2013 1:00am EST
involved and engaged in welcoming, safe, collaborative environments, and we have to have the wraparound services because we are the first responders to poverty. and whether that is breakfast, lunch, and dinner, like i saw at the school in cincinnati, or whether it is what we're doing at mcdowell in terms of really wrapping services around all of these schools in the eighth worst county in america, when you do those things, schools succeed. and more important, the nation succeeds. thank you. >> thank you very much. appreciate it. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2013] [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [no audio] paul singer looks into efforts to reintroduce the health care law. and the 2014 midterms. the marasco talks about november jobs numbers. in the state of u.s. chinese relations. washington journal is live on c- span. >> in this after war, things escalate quickly. can got it seems loving out of control. with adam hacking -- hacking. -- packing. pressures,he other she held the gun and he came out with a shotgun, and tried to jam it out or so s
Dec 7, 2013 4:00pm EST
their economy is booming and trade is taking place because they have created an environment in which israel is confident about its security and a lot of the old barriers to commerce and educational exchange and all that has begun to break down, that's something that the young people of gaza are going to want. and the pressure that will be placed for the residents of gaza to experience that same future is something that is going to be i think overwhelmingly appealing. but that is probably going to take place during the course of some sort of transition period. and the security requirements that israel requires will have to be met. and i think that is able -- that we can accomplish that, but ultimately it's going to be something that requires everybody to stretch out of their comfort zones. and the one thing i will say to the people of israel is that you can be assured whoever is in the office i currently occupy, democrat or republican, that your security will be uppermost on our minds. that will not change. and that should not mean you let up on your vigilance in terms of wanting to look out
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11 (some duplicates have been removed)